A damn fine cassette from Chicago folks Coping. It was put out by Fliff City, which is run by at least one of the guys in the band. Cap’n Jazz-esque with gang vox. Perfect for summertime bike rides.

Grabbed this tape from Mountain Man Records's distro, then went to a Coping show like a week later and they had it for sale. Oops. Ah well. Best songs are the first—Left Ear—and the last—Seniors. The first time I saw them, they played with Stay Ahead of the Weather, Castevet, and Bongripper (what a lineup). That was at a real venue and I liked them okay. The next time I saw them was at a house show with Monument, and they played last. By that time it was really late and everyone was drunk and it was pretty much like Coping just playing to a bunch of their friends. Super goofy and super fun. Check them out.

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